Measuring Flour?

Yes, you read the title correctly, I’m doin’ a post on measuring flour!

This might be one of the biggest mistakes that beginning bakers make.  Professional bakers weigh their ingredients which is by far the best way, but I understand that most novice bakers will not have a digital scale.

Why not just dip your measuring cup in a bag of flour?  Why not just dip your paw into the bag and eyeball it?  ‘cuz you’re not suppose to!  Baking is chemistry, good recipes are ones where everything works together in perfect unison, throw off one measurement and the whole recipe is often affected.  Have you ever made a recipe that seemed to come out better before?  It could be from not measuring exactly the same every time.

Cooking is different from baking and it is a lot easier to freestyle when cooking, unless you are an experienced baker, stick to the recipe and measure carefully.

This is a great video from the folks at King Arthur Flour, I highly recommend their products, and their website is treasure trove of baking recipes!

King Arthur Flour isn’t paying me to show this video, they don’t even know me, who knows if they’d even like me!


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  1. Wow! I remember in home ec, they always told us how to pack the flour in and scrape off the excess. I never thought about fluffing the flour first. Great idea and wonderful posts!

    • admin says:

      before getting my scale, this method changed my baking life! It really makes such a great difference, especially with professionally written recipes.

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