Whipped Chocolate Ganache

Here is something so simple, and so delicious it’s hard to believe.  It’ll make you famous!  OK, maybe not famous, but people will love it.


It’s so simple that I’m not even creating a PDF recipe for it.  It’s just two ingredients.


Chocolate and heavy cream!  Have to use heavy cream because milk or half and half will not work, you need the fat.

I really like using milk chocolate for this, but semisweet or dark chocolate will work too, but sometimes I find them not quite sweet enough.  This is gonna come out like a mousse.

Get your chocolate and cream.  I use 1 cup of cream to 2 cups of chips, if you are doing this by weight, for every 8 oz. of cream, you will want 12 oz. of chocolate.  This can be doubled, no problem.  If you are filling and frosting a cake, go ahead and double the recipe and you will have plenty to fill and frost with a generous layer.

Get your stuff

Now take the cream and bring it to a boil, you can do this in a saucepan or in the microwave.  Take off from the heat and add the chocolate, whisk gently until completely melted, it should look like this.  At this point you could add a couple tablespoons liquor, like Irish cream, ameretto or other favorite spirit.

Place this mixture in the fridge and cool until cold to the touch, it will be quite a bit thicker at this point.  You’ll need to give it a stir here and there while it cools.

When completely cool, just whip on high with a mixer until it becomes a mousse consistency, forming soft peaks.  Make sure not to over whip, it will separate on you.  If you do over whip, don’t despair, you can re-melt it all together and start again.

Look at that thing of beauty!  It’s ready to spread on a cake, or you can even use it as a mousse dessert.  If you serve it as a mousse, don’t serve it right out of the fridge, it will be too solid, let it set out for about 30 minutes.

Now go make some!

  • 8 oz (1 cup) heavy or whipping cream
  • 12 oz. (2 cups if using chips) chocolate, I prefer milk chocolate.


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4 Responses to Whipped Chocolate Ganache

  1. tammy rhodes says:

    SOUNDS YUMMO..Will need to try this….

  2. Jason says:

    That will be my next icing.

  3. Nancy Parker says:

    How long can this be left out when on cupcakes? I have a friends party coming up and this would be great frosting for the cupcakes, but weather is still warm here ..(80’s) Thanks !

    • Baking Better says:

      This should be OK for a few hours at room temperature. This does have real cream, but it does come to a boil, so it makes it even safer than straight out of the carton. And always handle everything with clean hands and very clean utensils and you should be good to go for leaving them out!

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