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Cinnamon Baking Chips

You know those bits that you find in muffins and scones, the ones that you can’t really find anywhere in stores?  Well instead of paying a bunch of money and shipping for chips online, why not make your own? I … Continue reading

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Baking Powder

Oh how exciting, a post about baking powder, what’s next a video of paint drying? Hang on, there is some good information here. Baking Powder is one of those make or break ingredients in a recipe.  Baking powder and baking … Continue reading

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Make your own vanilla extract!

OK, so maybe I’m a weirdo, but I often make my own vanilla extract.  I like a nice high quality extract, but it can be very expensive to buy in the store.  Most real vanilla extract goes for $3 and … Continue reading

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Vanilla Extract

  Vanilla, the flavoring that wakes up the flavor in so many baked goods, should you spend an arm and a leg to get the good stuff?  NO! There are lots of choices out there, there are imitation flavorings, pure … Continue reading

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Butter, margarine, lard……

Fat, yup, fat, that’s what we are talking about today. Fat in your baked goods, unlike your behind is a good thing.  Fat serves different roles in baked goods from flavor, to tenderness, to helping it leaven (rise). Which fats … Continue reading

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